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MOT testing and servicing in Ealing

At Ealing Motor Repairs, we are experts in carrying out MOT checks and servicing including interim, full and major car services for all makes and models. From tyre inspections to emissions level checks, we’ll ensure your vehicle is running efficiently and safely. You can book your MOT and service online at the same time to save money. We’ll conduct both service and MOT and complete repairs on approval to save you both time and money. Just enter your car registration and book online any time.


Is your car due an MOT?

By law, any vehicle over three years old must have an annual MOT test conducted. This MOT test is essential in ensuring that your car is safe, reliable and fit for the roads, aka roadworthy. Here at Ealing Motor Repairs, our technicians are fully qualified and trained by the DVSA to check your car against the safety and environmental standards set by the government. If we find any potential problems, we’ll advise you on the right course of action. With your approval, we will then carry out all the necessary repairs so that your car can pass the MOT test.

What does an MOT include?

Your MOT check includes all the relevant safety and environmental checks set by the DVA at Ealing Motor Repairs to ensure your car is fit for the roads. This includes your emissions and exhaust system, wheel bearings, suspension system, electrical and mechanical checks, tyres and tyre tread, braking system, and the overall condition of your car including safety items such as seatbelts, lights and your car’s horn.


Vehicle servicing you can trust

If you need an interim, full or major service for your car, please bring it to Ealing Motor Repairs. We offer professional car servicing at affordable prices on any make and model of vehicle. Our level of standards help to keep your car in great condition so you can have a better performing car at just a fraction of the cost of main dealerships. Regular servicing is an affordable and easy way to help your car perform better, last longer and improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. It can also help to identify and fix potential problems earlier to avoid expensive repairs or the risk of breakdown.

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Book your service and MOT and save money

Book a service with your MOT can help to save you money. We’ll conduct the service first so if any issues are flagged up, they can be fixed before an MOT is conducted. That way, you’ll be guaranteed an MOT pass the first time around. Book online using our booking tool for both your MOT and service or any other repairs you may need. It’s simple and easy to use and can help save you money. You don’t need to pay until all work has been completed and we’ll always make sure we contact you before conducting any work that hasn’t been pre-agreed. Get in touch today or book online for quality services that will keep your car running smoothly.

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