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Diagnostic services in Ealing you can rely on

Here, at Ealing Motor Repairs, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic testing equipment to find any issues that your car may have developed over time. Our trained and qualified technicians will scan your vehicle using the latest equipment to identify any warning light issues as well as others that might not have shown up yet. After carrying out full diagnostics, we’ll let you know the outcome and with your approval, carry out the necessary repairs to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.


Is a warning light flashing on your dashboard?

With warning lights on your dashboard, your car is letting you know there’s something wrong. This can be anything from a oil change to major engine work. If you’re having problems that are easily identifiable, normally we can just provide an inspection for the work. However, with more complex issues a diagnostic test is required so we can quickly and accurately find out the cause of any problems and get you back on the roads safe and sound. We provide engine diagnostics using modern equipment to help identify your exact make and model of vehicle. That way our system can diagnose issues specifically to your car so that we can quickly get to work and fix the problem.

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What is covered during a diagnostic test?

Our diagnostic testing covers fault find and code reading tailored to your vehicle, ESP and ABS, dashboard warning lights along with engine management system issues and repairs. Although repairs are not included in our diagnostic pricing, we will provide a full breakdown of issues after the diagnostic test has been completed. A diagnostic inspection helps us to accurately provide a quote based on the issues found, ensuring you get quality repairs that are right for your car at the right price. It’s up to you whether you would like to go ahead and get repairs done, and we won’t go ahead without full approval first.


Diagnostics for any make and model

At Ealing Motor Repairs, we’ve invested in the latest technology so that we can help any customer with their car troubleshooting and problems. We are able to identify even the most complex issues on any make and model of car, van and light commercial vehicle. Our scanning system can identify the exact make and model of your vehicle and compare the current status with the manufacturer’s recommended requirements. It’s this technology that allows us to quickly identify any issues and find out the cause of problems that your car is experiencing. We are able to fix any make or model and get it back to running as smoothly as it was before.

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To book a diagnostic test with Ealing Motor Repairs couldn’t be any easier. Just enter your car registration into the booking tool and select the diagnostic button. Our tool identifies your exact make and model and you can even add a bit about the problems you’re experiencing if you’re unsure. Our booking tool is available 24 hours a day, or you can contact us over the phone during opening hours.

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