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At Ealing Motor Repairs, we provide air conditioning servicing for your car. Whether you need a re-gas to give your system a boost or a full air con service, we can get your system working smoothly again in no time. Our services range to suit what your vehicle needs which means any work that isn’t necessary doesn’t need to be completed. That’s why we offer the complete range at Ealing Motor Repairs, so your car gets exactly what it needs to run smoothly.

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Your car’s air conditioning system

Most modern vehicles now come with air conditioning as standard. This ensures that your system not only keeps you cool in the summer and warmer months but also helps to keep the air dry and demist windscreens during the wet weather and cold winters. The system, therefore, needs to run smoothly throughout the year and maintain optimum performance to keep you safe and comfortable. An car air conditioning system is made of up a number of different vital components including the compressor, condenser, evaporator and refrigerant gas. This gas is converted between a liquid and a gas to remove moisture and provide the correct temperature to keep your system cool. When one of these components breaks down it can be expensive to inspect and repair, which is why regular maintenance is recommended.


How often do I need an air conditioning service?

Your car’s refrigerant gas can leak out of your system over time. Not through any fault of your system, but due to the joints and vents that the air comes out of. Whilst this is completely normal, it does mean that your air conditioning system in your car requires regular maintenance, like any other component in your car. As the refrigerant gas leaks out by about 10% each year, it is normally recommended re-gas the system every 2 years. As the refrigerant gas becomes low, it can affect the system. With no gas in the system, it can cause further damage, requiring further repairs and expense for you. A re-gas is simple to do and doesn’t cost much, keeping your system running smoothly for longer and keeping you both safe and comfortable.


How do I know if I need repairs for my air conditioning?

It’s often easy to tell when your car needs an air conditioning repair. As the gas gets low in the system, it doesn’t operate as efficiently. If your air conditioning takes longer to blow out cold air, or no cold air comes out at all, it can signify the need for a re-gas. It can also mean that there’s a leak in the system somewhere. Other signs that you may need repairs for your air conditioning include puddles of condensation within your car, and unpleasant smells coming from the system. Often bacteria can get into the system causing blockages and leaks over time which can also cause further damage if not taken care of.

Booking an air conditioning service

When you book an air conditioning service, we’ll inspect your system, check for leaks, blockages and damage, clean out any bacteria, test the system and provide a re-gas. If, on inspection, a re-gas will suffice then that’s what we’ll do. Book online for air conditioning repairs and services or contact us if you’re experiencing any problems you need advice on.

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